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Joanne McNamara

Registered Massage Therapist

*Please note that Joanne books appointments through her own booking page. Click the link above to access her booking page*

My Story

Joanne graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 2006 and became an RMT in 2006. She has been happily self-employed for several years and enjoys running her own clinic.

Joanne is a proud Dog mom and Therapist to Beau 🐶.  When she isn’t using her hands on bodies, she gets her hands dirty while tending to her garden.

Joanne is a committed Registered Massage Therapist and loves to see clients through their life’s transitions.  She is a listener:  to words, body language, and the energy that lives within us all.

Common conditions treated include:

•    Scar Work
•    MLD particularly for Headaches, migraines, and whiplash
•    Whiplash
•    Stress/anxiety
•    Neck pain / stiffness
•    Shoulder pain / injury
•    Back pain
•    Relaxation
•    Cancer
•    Trauma-informed work

******* I LOVE being a diagnostician*****

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