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 Your Health in Your Hands

We are a Massage Therapy clinic in downtown Nanaimo, BC. We believe that your health is in your hands and that we are there to assist you in your goals. 

What do we mean by your health in your hands? - While manual therapy has proven to be effective in reducing pain, increasing range of motion, and promotes relaxation, we believe that body movement and being active is going to help you reach your goals more quickly and sustainably. 

We are BIG on cross referral to other practitioners as indicated for your condition and lifestyle to get you the best care for your goals!

If you have any questions, please reach out to


We look forward to being a part of your wellness journey!

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Quianna is absolutely incredible! She listens to your concerns and really takes the time to treat your body where needed. She has a strong yet gentle touch and knows exactly the right amount of pressure and will adjust as requested. I had headaches almost everyday and after one treatment with Quianna, my headaches were GONE. I am so impressed by her expertise and effective treatments. Highly recommended and I send everyone I know to her!

What people are saying about Mountview!


Joanne McNamara is one of the best massage therapist that I have used in my life (and I had LOTS of massages and massage therapists!!!)
I don't even need to tell her where I hurt, her magical hands find all the deepest spots that need help to get some relief!
She is totally a "magical unicorn" and I keep telling her that it would be a good branding for her! :)
She's unique and she's magical... so "magical unicorn".
If you are in pain, do this favor to yourself and go see Joanne... I swear, you won't regret and your future-self will love you for that!


Amanda is THE BEST! I am so thankful that I found her here in Nanaimo. Amanda knows how to work through certain trigger points in areas I didn't even know needed some help. Her compassionate approach to providing services is wonderful and very welcoming. I always leave my massage apt's feeling relaxed. Thanks so much for existing and all the healing you provide, Amanda! :)

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